Three IRGC Aerospace Division Members Have Died In The Last Week

A mourning poster posted on social media has revealed that a lieutenant in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) died in Iran on June 15th, making it the third officer in Iran's IRGC having died in the last week.


Wahab Premarzian, an officer in the guard’s aerospace division died in the city of Maragheh, but the IRGC has put out no announcements or comments about the death.

The other two IRGC members who died were also in the Iranian aerospace division and were reported by Iranian media as having died as 'martyrs' in the country, though the Iran International news outlet reported that a source that wasn't identified stated that Ali Kamani and Mohammad Abdous were both 'developing arms' for Iranian-backed Hezbollah and that both men "were not killed in accidents" as the Iranian media had reported.