The Israeli Government Dissolves

ISRAEL - Creating its 5th Election in 3 years, the newly formed coalition in the Israeli government has chosen to dissolve parliament, which will paralyze the country and allow for assistance from Benjamin Netanyahu, the former conservative prime minister, who left office approximately 1 year ago after the new government was formed, according to The New York Times.

Benjamin Netanyahu is currently standing trial on corruption charges but has remained in politics. His party, the Likud party, has remained steadily in the lead, amongst voting poles in Israel.

Once the Israeli Parliament voted to dissolve itself, it will be the final straw for the newly formed coalition, which set out to unify opposing groups from every facet of Israeli political extremes, within the parliament, specifically to end the corruption which has taken place within the Israeli halls. The coalition included the first-ever, independent Arab party to hold a seat in the Israeli parliament. While the unification of the people had appeared to be happening, it now appears to be over. The same ideological diversity that brought them together, will also be their undoing.

The Associated Press has stated that the deciding factor in dissolving the government came when parliament failed to gain enough votes to extend a 2 level legal system in the West Bank between Israelis and Palestinians. The system must be voted on to be extended every 5 years. When Several Arab members failed to vote for the system, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett set out to dissolve the government and delay the vote until a new government could be formed.

This comes as a mighty blow as the war rages on in escalation between Israel and Iran as well as Palestinians and Israelis in Israel.

The new elections will occur in the fall for a new government.

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