On 6/21/2022, Israel PM & Security Minister Launches the Israeli National Guard

As part of the border police, The Israeli National Guard has been launched by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Public Security Minister Omer Barlev, together with Israel Police Inspector General Commissioner Koby Shabtai.

The National Guard will be a trained and skilled force, operating in multiple areas, focusing on emergencies and disturbance response. This comes as lessons learned from Operation Guardians of the Walls in a plan to strengthen the security of the State and the citizens of Israel.

Combined with the border patrol, the Israeli National Guard will have 3 branches in its forces:
  • The Conscript & Border Police
  • The Reserve Force
  • The Voluntary Force
The Conscript & Border Police has been strengthened by multiple enlistments with numbers in the hundreds.

The Reserve Force which has just been revived with a total of 46 companies, 26 of which to be added over time. 8 of the 26 are already in place now, will be equipped with advanced tech.

The Voluntary Force which is already composed of 8,000 souls, will have an additional 1,500 members over the next year. Additionally the Hod company will be an addition to the voluntary force which will have 1,000 reservists by the end of the year and 2,000 by the end of 2023. It will be trained to combat disturbances and emergency situations. Members will keep their equipment at home as to be ready for any situation to arise.

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