Iran Prepares To Carry Out Test Launch Of Solid-Fuel Satellite Rocket

A Spokesperson for the Iranian Defense Ministry stated on Wednesday that Iran is preparing to test-launch a Zuljanah solid-fuel satellite carrier rocket just days after satellite photos were revealed showing possible preparations for a launch at Imam Khomeini.


Seyed Ahmad Hosseini, who is the spokesman for the ministry spoke to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) and said that three test launches were planned, with one test launch having been carried out last year which they say was 'successful' and two more planned in the future.

Hosseini said that the Zuljanah three-stage rocket is capable of using both solid and liquid fuel and is able to carry up to around 485 pounds (220kg) and reach an altitude of about 310 miles (500km).

Days before the announcement, images posted from Maxar Technologies showed showing the Imam Khomeini Spaceport in the Semnan province, in Iran showed a rocket sitting on a transporter that looked to be readying to lift onto a launch tower by a crane, and another image showed the rocket on the launch tower.

Recently, the spaceport has been used in five failed attempts to launch a satellite into orbit. If Iran is able to get a satellite into orbit, it would "improve its ability to shoot ballistic missiles" according to Israel National News.