Iran Claims To Have Arrested 10 Israeli Agents, Israel Destroys Iranian Drone Factory

TEHRAN - Iran has arrested 10 agents allegedly working for Israel in West Azerbaijan province as part of an espionage network, according to Iranian state news agency Fars.

The Iranian state news agency claimed that the 10 agents were linked to the Mossad national intelligence agency of Israel and allegedly received 'rigorous training from Israeli intelligence officers,' and were collecting information about individuals 'cooperating with the Iranian security and intelligence apparatus,' Fars News cited Iran's Judiciary statement.

The Judiciary statement claims that the agents attempted to "extract information from their victims through abduction, various threats, and violent assault and battery".

The Judiciary statement also reportedly said that "The members of the team were in direct contact with several Mossad officers by establishing video communications with them".

The statement also claimed that "Members of the group also set fire to the private cars and houses of some Iranian security forces and were paid sums of money for taking pictures and sending them to Mossad officers".

The statement also claimed that the agents had attempted to assassinate Iranian security and intelligence forces.

"These people had received money from the agents of the Zionist regime and Mossad officers on several occasions for the missions they had completed," the statement read.

On July 27th, the Fars news agency put out a report citing the Iranian intelligence Minister that Iran had carried out 'several successful operations' against Israel in the recent months prior to the report.

The report cited Iranian Intelligence Minister Esmayeel Khatib saying that Iranian intelligence operatives had foiled 'conspiracies' by Israel and anti-Iran groups.

It said that 'enemies' had failed to provoke riots and terror within Iran, and said "One of the reasons is the popular approach of the intelligence ministry and the government to interact with the people in order to ensure stable security in the country.”

Qalibaf stated that the United States and Israel have not stopped targeting Iran's 'security and stability since the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979.

The report said that Iranian nuclear scientists and sites have been the target of Western and Israeli spy agencies' sabotage attacks in recent years, but claimed that Iranian intelligence bodies have said that they have managed to thwart 'a number of these plots'.

Meanwhile, Israeli officials claim to have struck 90% of Iran's military operations in Syria, targeting a drone assembly factory near Damascus on Friday, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Syrian rights monitor on Sunday.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry recently claimed that Iran is allowing Russia to use its kamikaze drones in Ukraine so that Iran can test the drones out for future attacks on Israel.

"Today hundreds of Iranian drones are undergoing 'test runs' on our land, killing civilians. These drones were not intended for use against Ukraine. To have a strategic advantage over its enemy, Israel should conduct a 'test run' of its air defenses Ukraine is the best testing ground," the Ukrainian Defense Ministry stated.