Drone Attack On Iranian Missile Development Base

Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabs put out a report Sunday saying that there was a mysterious explosion in western Tehran on Saturday night after a drone attack on an Iranian military ballistic development base.

Iranian sources who reportedly spoke to the newspaper said that the base that was attacked belonged to Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and was one of Iran's most important military facilities.

Sources believed that the drone attack on the base targeted research centers that specialized in the development and production of short-range rockets and ballistic missiles.

There has been no confirmation from other sources, but the attack was said to have been carried out by drones that took off from within Iran around 10km from the base that was attacked.

The newspaper also reported that the drones were allegedly smuggled into Iran and assembled within the country before being used to carry out the attack on the base.

It also reported that Iran's defense minister visited the base on Saturday morning, possibly in order to assess the damages from the attack on the base and that Iranian Air Force bases were on high alert.