Boeing Starliner Capsule To Return To Earth Today

The unmanned historic space flight of the new Boeing Starliner will come to an end today. The Starliner will land near White Sands New Mexico at approximately 6:40 p.m. Pacific Time after a 5-hour journey from the ISS and a fiery re-entry.

The Starliner spacecraft took off on board an Atlas V rocket which lifted off from the U.S. Space Force base in Cape Canaveral, Florida last Thursday. All though there were glitches, including 4 of its multiple onboard thrusters not in proper operation, it has completed its main objective, a rendezvous with the ISS then a return home.

The Starliner is scheduled to autonomously undock from the ISS at or around 2:36 p.m. eastern time.

Some of the malfunctions that NASA had to contend with include multiple onboard thruster malfunction and a thermal control malfunction on its approach to the ISS. Though all malfunctions did pose an inconvenience, they were not critical, and workarounds were achieved to complete the mission.

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