Biden To Sign Iran Nuclear Prevention Pledge With Israel

ISRAEL - In light of global disputes, regarding the nuclear capacity of Iran, a decision was made, and on Thursday, United States President Joe Biden will sign a joint agreement with the Israeli Prime Minister, Yair Lapid, denying nuclear weapons capabilities to Iran, according to Reuters.


In an attempt to appease Israel's stance, which has called on the global powers to label Iran as a "credible military threat", President Biden, who is currently in Israel, appeared on Israeli TV and stated that he was open to the use of force against Iran as a last resort.

On his middle east tour, Biden's next stop is Saudi Arabia on Friday, where it is thought that the new commitment by the U.S. and Israel could play into talks with Saudi Arabia to further close the gap between the 2 countries.

Israel and the U.S. have both used shrouded rhetoric towards a pre-emptive approach when it comes to denying nuclear capability to Iran. It is thought that a formal announcement of this could in fact lead to a sense of unity, deterrence, and resolution in an increasingly unstable region.

A united front against Iran with the Arab world & Israel is strategically important to finally integrating Israel fully into the region.

NBC News reported on July 11th that Iran had enriched uranium up to 20% at its new fortified facility in Fordow. Amir Tsarfati has stated, that on April 10th, 2021, Iran had begun injecting uranium hexafluoride gas into centrifuges, and an accident occurred, bringing the enrichment process to a halt. Approximately 3 weeks ago, he suggested, Iran utilizing newly installed centrifuges, it has begun enriching uranium at an extraordinary rate, bringing their nuclear capability from months to days, now only requiring the assembly of a warhead.

However, the signing of the pledge between the 2 leaders, might not be as fruitful as they have hoped. The United States President is now at his lowest approval rating amidst growing inflation in the United States and Israel's Prime Minister holds his position in an interim government, which will experience a complete changing of the guard, in the fall.