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Emergency Preparedness Fundamentals​

Would you and your family be able to survive the critical 72 hours after a disaster without any help?
It could be a natural disaster, such as a hurricane.

Or it could be a man-made disaster like we have seen in cities where lawlessness and riots ruled the streets.
The small luxuries of life have vanished completely.

So have the institutions of law and order that most Americans rely on for their safety every day.
What will stand between your family’s safety and the chaos?

Now imagine having access to a wealth of knowledge that gives you and your family the ultimate advantage in a nationwide disaster.
“Emergency Preparedness Fundamentals” is your blueprint to surviving and thriving in the worst-case scenario.
  • Uncover the four core pillars of survival to avoid life-threatening mistakes
  • Gain secret insights on why surviving in place might be your only alternative
  • Build a 72-hour survival kit to survive any disaster — big or small
  • Understand the fundamentals of home defense with a firearm
  • Learn the “general rule” on how much ammunition you really need
  • And know which firearms will give you the best chances of success

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I was a boy scout growing up; our motto always was "be prepared." My question always was, "be prepared for what?" And my scout master would say, "exactly!" We have to be prepared for anything and everything. That doesn't mean we should be scared or freaked out, but just always learning to keep a cool head when faced with situations you might not always know the outcome. It's like learning patience, and I tell people that patience is as much to do with the attitude you have whilst you are waiting. Well, you can practice learning how to keep a cool head in stressful situations it's kind of like the same thing.

As such, we are stacking up on MRE's, (which surprisingly aren't that bad!). There's also a couple of really good channels on YouTube my wife and I like - all about bushcraft and camping.
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Bad DeadPool…. Good DeadPool!
Well said. Others will appreciate this as what is written above doesn't mention the mental aspect of preparing. If you find the video, post it here, that way other can learn from your experience.

*Note: if you want to remove that last line …"My apologies if this is an inappropriate post.", you may. This is always allowed. Everyone learns off of everyone. Nice post.