South Korea Put Military On High Alert Due To Latest Missile Launch

South Korea put its military on high alert after the latest ballistic missile launch by the South. The move also followed North Korea sending aircraft near the shared border with the South and firing around 80 artillery shells.

A spokesperson for the National Defense Ministry of South Korea said that the North's actions were "a critical provocation to damage international peace and regional stability," according to Newsweek.

"Our military is keeping strong military posture on high alert on the condition of cooperation with the U.S," Newsweek cited the spokesperson as saying on Friday.

The North Korean General Staff statement said that "the south Korean army conducted an artillery fire for about 10 hours near the forward defense area of the KPA Fifth Corps on Oct. 13," according to North Korea's state news agency KCNA.

"Taking serious note of this provocative action by the South Korean military in the frontline area, we took strong military countermeasures. The KPA sends a stern warning to the south Korean military inciting military tension in the frontline area with reckless action," KCNA cited the KPA as saying.

KCNA also reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had said that the North's Nuclear Combat Forces "proved again their full preparedness for actual war to bring the enemies under their control at a blow through the unconditional, mobile, precise and powerful counterstrike by any weapon system."

"Stressing again that the test-fire is...another clear warning to the enemies and the practical verification and clear demonstration of the absolute reliability and combat capacity of our state's war deterrent," KCNA reported.

"Kim Jong Un added that we should continue to expand the operational sphere of the nuclear strategic armed forces to resolutely deter any crucial military crisis and war crisis at any time and completely take the initiative in it," it added.