South Korea Launches 5 Satellites Into Orbit With It's Own Domestically Built Rocket

In it's 2nd attempt, South Korea was successful in placing 5 satellites into orbit with its own, domestically built rocket, which is a fundamental step towards the countries independence in the development of space and space technology.

The rocket, called the 'Nuri', had 3 stages and was more than 154 feet in length and had a total weight of 200 tons, and it was launched from the NARO space center, on an island, off the coast of Goheung at 16:00 Local Time.

On the 1st attempt, the Nuri's 3rd stage did not work properly, causing a malfunction which lead to the failed attempt at placing a dummy satellite into orbit.

With this 2nd attempt, South Korea has rocketed it's place in history as becoming the 10th country in the world to put a satellite in orbit.

Though reports of the rocket being used for nefarious reasons, South Korea insists it has no military uses. Obviously the technology has been achieved by South Korea to begin a path to it's own militarized space hardware.

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