Russia has published the coordinates of the Pentagon - states "Western satellites work for our enemy."

Russia Space Agency published the coordinates of western defense headquarters including the Pentagon in lieu of NATO's summit on Tuesday, stating that western satellite operators were working for the adversary of Russia - Ukraine.

The satellite photos included the location of the U.S. Pentagon, White House, British government buildings, German Chancellery, Reichstag parliament building in Berlin, and location of NATO's summit, as well as the place of residence of Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, along with French government buildings.

The head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin told the RIA Novosti news agency, "The entire conglomerate of private and state orbital groupings is now working exclusively for our enemy."

The US led NATO alliance have made it public knowledge they are sending weapons to help Ukraine resist the Russian invasion.

Maxar, the US satellite image company; whose patrons include the US Department of Defense has published pictures it has taken of Russia and Ukraine since before the invasion began in February, which included pictures of Russia's military increase near Ukraine when it had been denying it had any intentions to invade Ukraine. It was all part of a "routine military training maneuver."

The publishing included Russian satellite pictures of the NATO summit in Madrid, the Pentagon, the White House located in Washington D.C., UK government buildings in London, the German Chancellery and Reichstag Parliament building in Berlin, the NATO headquarters in Brussels, and the French president's residence in Paris.

It's important to note that the coordinates which were provided in lines of longitude and latitude were already available to the public.

Source 1: Reuters | Source 2: US News | Source 3: National Post



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As I mentioned before, it's not the coordinates, of course, they are public coordinates. It's their way of sending us a message.