Israeli Travel Advisory Raised to Istanbul, Turkey

Israeli Travel Advisory has been raised to the highest level for travel to Istanbul, Turkey for Israeli citizens due to Iranian attempts of abduction and even killing Israeli citizens on vacation.

"We are calling on Israelis not to fly to Istanbul - and if you don't have a vital reason, don't fly to Turkey. If you are already in Istanbul, return to Israel as soon as possible..." "...These terrorist threats are aimed at vacationing Israelis. They are selecting, in a random but deliberate manner, Israeli citizens with a view to kidnapping or murdering them." - Yair Lapid, Israeli Foreign Minister​

Several operatives of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard have been detained and arrested in Turkey, by Turkish officials, but no further details were given.

Without immediate comment from the Iranian embassy, the Iranian Government has vowed revenge on the recent assassinations of officials within the Revolutionary Guard as well as assassinations of key scientists.

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