Is Iran Closer To Rejoining The 2015 Nuclear Deal?

TEHRAN - The United States is preparing a formal response that it will present to global leaders, regarding Iran's statement to allow inspections in its country of nuclear sites, but not beyond what is already presented within the 2015 nuclear deal.


According to Reuters, a U.S. official has said that Iran has reduced its requirements, regarding the allowance of nuclear inspections, as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) moves closer to an agreement.

Along with dropping some of the requirements, Iran has also removed its demand that the IAEA inspection teams stop questioning its nuclear program.

However, Mohammad Eslami, Vice President of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, seems to counter this statement, saying the inquiries should be closed prior to the re-implementation of the 2015 nuclear deal, reported by the IRNA.

Eslami went on to say that Iran has always acted within the rules of the IAEA and is committed to all international safeguards.

Also reported by the IRNA, Mohammad Jamshidi, deputy head for political affairs of the President of Iran, stated this in a tweet:

"The Americans were saying that without negotiating about regional developments and Iran's missiles program, the US return to the 2015 agreement is impossible, but President Raisi's team rejected those demands."

Jamshidi added, that the Americans also stated that the IRGC would be taken away from the Foreign Terrorist Groups list, and Iran will not retaliate for the assassination of Lt. General Soleimani.

In response, the Iranian Vice-President asked, which entity is actually giving concessions now?

The aim of the United States is to re-enter the 2015 nuclear deal, which President Trump's administration walked away from, and the Biden administration has aimed to make it a benchmark event during its time in the White House. Washington has stated that it will respond soon to the EU proposal for the 2015 nuclear deal revival.

While global leaders view Iran's requirements as 'outside the scope of the 2015 nuclear deal, Iran has stated time and again that the deal can only be revived if the IAEA removes the accusations regarding the purpose of Iran's nuclear policy.

In response to accusations made in June regarding uranium traces found at three sites that had not been declared by Iran to the IAEA, Iran insists that the findings were staged by exiled Iranians and Israeli agents. Iran responded in June by installing more advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges and removing IAEA monitoring equipment from installed sites that were placed as requirements of the 2015 nuclear deal.

According to Nour News, an organization with ties to Iran's national security entity, has rejected claims which stated that Iran had dropped some of its requirements to rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal.

Nour News has stated this on Twitter:

"The Americans are seeking to suggest that Iran has retreated in the talks but... it was Washington that had left the nuclear deal and it is the U.S. government that has retreated to its previous positions if it returns to the accord,..."

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