*IMPORTANT* Regarding Access Level Investigations

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Each access level has its own investigations forum. Academy has its own, OSLINT members have their own and admins have their own. All investigations are to be carried out there. Once the investigation has concluded, the findings are to be posted in each respective access level's "Verified Intel" forum. After it's posted there, an admin will come by and validate the information and may move the post to the public news/alerts/intel forum here:

A few things:
1.) DO NOT post anything sketchy in the forums. Use the forums for posting solid information. If you need to hash out propaganda or anything sketchy, use the Telegram Analysis channel here:

2.) DO NOT use the Telegram analysis channel for anything except sketchy information that needs to be hashed out. Solid information needs to be posted on the forums here in the respective place.

The idea is to create a space where we can carry out ongoing investigations in a way that is efficient, easy to track, and easy to collaborate on. These forums give everyone that opportunity. Telegram was never meant for the final product, the forums were.

In conclusion, the OSLINT community forum is for serious intel, serious investigations, and serious findings. Telegram is for hashing out sketchy intel and for hashing out theories. Once hashed out, it needs to go in the forum.

Analysis channel in Telegram for theories. Forums for data. If theories don't produce anything useful, they need to be discarded, not added to the forums.
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