How The Access Levels Work


Command Team
Once members graduate from the OSLINT Academy, there are seven intel access levels to achieve. Each access level has an application forum to go to the next level, at which point your application will be posted in the top-level forums for assessment by the administrators. Each access level has access to all previous levels as well as the highest level they have achieved.

Level 7 access is special and unique, as members of level 7 access have the ability to post in the announcements sections and news sections of all forums, including public forums and all access levels.

All members of level 7 will be able to post out intelligence, news, alerts, and announcements, as members of that access level will have been cleared for doing so. If any member of level 7 posts out bad intel, it will be reviewed at the top level by the administrators and the access level may or may not be revoked, depending on both the severity of the situation, as well as the discretion of the administrative team at the top level.

This will ensure that valid intel gets out to the public, and bad intel stays out.

Furthermore, all access levels have access to the training academy even after they graduate from it. All members of every access level have a responsibility to train those that are still in the Academy, as well as continue to train one another.

Each access level having better-trained members will have better quality intel. Furthermore, intel should be passed from one access level to the next if it's deemed accurate intel, thus refining and filtering bad information from good information by the time it reaches the top levels.
Level 7 intel is passed onto the Command Team for review.