Canada's Nationwide Internet And Mobile Connectivity At 75% After Outage

Canada's internet and mobile connectivity nationwide is at "75% of ordinary levels" after a "disruption to the Rogers network" according to the Netblocks internet observatory. Canada's cyber intelligence agency says there is no evidence of it being caused by a cyber attack.

The internet outage, which extends to mobile services began early in the day on July 8th, 2022, and is "ongoing" according to the Cloudflare monitoring service Cloudflare Radar, which posted that there has been a partial recovery of traffic from the Rogers network since the beginning of the outage.

The disruption has affected internet, mobile access, banking, transport, and even government access, and reports of disruptions across Canada on social media.

Walter Bloomberg announced that Canada's border services agency says that they may not be able to complete their arrivecan submission due to the current Rogers network outage.

Community food coordinator Sophia Bank wrote, "With the outage across Canada I feel terrible for folks who can’t buy groceries. Can’t access their money".

The issue with Rogers Communications Inc. network has caused some consumer advocates and antitrust experts to call for more competition within Canada's telecommunications industry, as well as a public probe into what caused the disruption.

Canada's cyber intelligence agency, however, says that there is no evidence that the Rogers outage was caused by a cyber attack, saying "As of right now, Rogers remains best placed to address questions related to the nature of the outage. At this time, CSE has no indication this is related to malicious cyber threats".

Rogers Communications Inc. has announced that wireless services are beginning to return for most of its users.

A statement put out by Rogers President and CEO Tony Staffieri said, "We know going a full day without connectivity has real impacts on our customers and all Canadians. On behalf of all of us here at Rogers, Rogers for Business, Fido, chatr and cityfone, I want to sincerely apologize for this service interruption and the impact it is having on people from coast to coast to coast".

“As our teams continue working to resolve the situation, I want to make two commitments to you:

First, we are working to fully understand the root cause of this outage and we will make all the changes necessary to ensure that in the future we meet and exceed your expectations for our networks.

Second, we will make this right for our valued customers. We will proactively apply a credit to all our customers impacted by the outage and will share more details shortly.”

“I take full responsibility for ensuring we at Rogers earn back your full trust and are once again there to connect you to what matters.”

Interac spokesperson Bryan Bossin said that his company's debit and e-transfer services are still experiencing disruptions across Canada as of Friday night.

Police agencies in Canada have also warned that the outage may also affect people's ability to call 911 emergency services. The Toronto Police Department put out an alert saying that they were "working to resolve these issues" and said that some people "will have trouble connecting" in order to call 911.

The advisory said, "ADVISORY: City of Toronto - The Rogers Network is experiencing some technical difficulties - Some people will have trouble connecting - There are some connection problems calling 9-1-1 - We are working to resolve these issues ^dh".

E-Comm 9-1-1 tweeted, "cellphone customers in #BC. If you are experiencing an emergency, dial 9-1-1. If your call fails, please call back from another carrier or a landline if possible. #911BC.We are getting reports of possible service issues impacting@rogers".