Another Suspicious IRGC Commander's Death Reported

According to a report by the Persian Iran International news agency, there has been another death of an Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Quds Force unit 840 commander, who has died under 'suspicious circumstances' on Monday, May 30th.

Sources from the news agency say that Colonel Ali Esmailzadeh died after he fell off of his roof from his home in the Jahan Nama area of Karaj.

Iran International reports that the Colonel was a 'close colleague' of Colonel Hassan Sayyad-Khodae, who was the acting commander of the elite Quds Unit 840 that had been shot to death in his car outside of his home in Tehran on May 22nd by multiple gunmen on motorcycles.

The news agency also said that after he fell off of the roof, Esmailzadeh was taken to the Shahid Madani hospital where he was pronounced dead after an examination by doctors.

Officials of the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) told the family of Esmailzadeh that he had committed suicide due to 'psychological problems' after separating from his wife and had left a note 'about his action'.

Iran International said that their sources told them that after the killing of Sayyad Khodaei, the IRGC intelligence set out to look for security leaks from within the Quds Force and had become suspicious of Esmailzadeh and decided to 'eliminate him' and organize a 'suicide scenario' to explain away his death.