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    US, NATO Deploying B61-12 Thermonuclear "Gravity Bomb" To Europe

    NATO - the United States said during a closed meeting with NATO that it will be accelerating the deployment of an upgraded version of the B61-12 air-dropped thermonuclear "gravity bomb" to European bases in December, which is a few months earlier than was originally planned. The gravity bomb...
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    DoD Addresses Jet Fuel Leak In Hawaii Drinking Water, Announces Closure And Health Response Plan

    HAWAII - A once-classified U.S. Military fuel storage installation hidden inside of a mountain in Hawaii called the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility began leaking jet fuel into the drinking water and sickening at least 5,900 military personnel in November 2021. Secretary of Defense Lloyd...
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    Russia And NATO Hold Simultaneous Annual Nuclear Exercises

    MOSCOW - Russian President Vladimir Putin monitored the launches of ballistic and cruise missiles on Wednesday as part of Russia's yearly "Grom" nuclear exercises. Defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu reported to Putin that the purpose of the nuclear exercise is to simulate a "massive nuclear strike"...
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    Iran Claims To Have Arrested 10 Israeli Agents, Israel Destroys Iranian Drone Factory

    TEHRAN - Iran has arrested 10 agents allegedly working for Israel in West Azerbaijan province as part of an espionage network, according to Iranian state news agency Fars. The Iranian state news agency claimed that the 10 agents were linked to the Mossad national intelligence agency of Israel...
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    Researchers Say AI Model Could Be Used To Predict Earthquakes 24 Hours In Advance

    TAIWAN - Joint research carried out by the NCHC, and Academia Sinica say that they have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) model that could predict earthquakes a day in advance. The National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC) headquartered at Hsinchu Science and Industrial...
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    Russia Claims Ukraine Preparing To Use Dirty Bomb, US And Ukraine Claim It Is A False Flag Operation By Russia

    MOSCOW - Russia has claimed that Ukraine is preparing a possible 'provocation' involving the use of a 'dirty bomb', while the United States and Ukraine claim that this might be a pretext for a Russian 'false flag' operation. Russian Defense Ministry, Sergey Shoigu spoke on the phone to the...
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    South Korea Put Military On High Alert Due To Latest Missile Launch

    South Korea put its military on high alert after the latest ballistic missile launch by the South. The move also followed North Korea sending aircraft near the shared border with the South and firing around 80 artillery shells. A spokesperson for the National Defense Ministry of South Korea...
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    North Korea On 24-Hour Standby Against Possible North Korean Nuclear Test

    SEOUL - The office of President Yoon Suk-yeol has been on "24-hour standby" as North Korea is expected to carry out its seventh nuclear test "at any time," according to South Korean officials. Yonhap reported that the recent series of missile tests by North Korea are believed to have been...
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    Get News updates, Intel And Alerts Early

    Artists are not the only ones who use the platform. I surmise the description says 'artists' because artists commonly use it.
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    North Korea Fires Short-Range Ballistic Missile Into East Sea

    SOUTH KOREA - North Korea has reportedly fired a short-range ballistic missile into the East Sea, on Sunday according to the South Korean military, two days after a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier from the United States arrived in South Korea for "allied drills", according to South Korean news...
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    DOD: Biden Administration Announces Another $2.68 Billion Assistance To Ukraine

    DOD - The Defense Department has put out a statement saying that the Biden administration has approved another assistance package valued at $675 million in "U.S. assistance to Ukraine", along with another $2 Billion in long-term military financing to "European countries threatened by Russia"...
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    Russia: Gas Supplies To Europe Won't Be Resumed Until Western Sanctions Lifted

    KREMLIN - Gas supplies to Europe won't be resumed until the West lifts sanctions against Moscow, according to Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, who said that Western sanctions against Russia are to blame for the Nord Stream pipeline being taken offline. "Other reasons that would cause...
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    Putin: "I Am Confident We Have Not Lost A Thing" From Ukraine Conflict

    MOSCOW - After Washington put out an intelligence report saying that Russia is Requesting Arms From North Korea, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at the Eastern Economic Forum and said that he is "confident" that Russia hasn't lost a thing during Russia's ongoing conflict with Ukraine...
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    Pentagon Suspends Deliveries Of F-35 Jets After Finding Chinese-Made Component

    WASHINGTON - The Pentagon has suspended deliveries of new Lockheed Martin's F-35 aircraft to the army after finding that a component of the jet uses an alloy made in China, which, according to a CNN report, and Interfax, violates federal defense procurement policies. The component in...
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    Biden Administration Preparing To Invest $50 Billion In The US Semiconductor Industry

    The Biden administration has announced plans to invest $50 billion in the US semiconductor industry, in order to "revitalize the domestic semiconductor industry and spur innovation while creating good-paying jobs in communities across the country," according to U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina...